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auna DAB radio

The auna DAB radio is a digital radio that provides modern music enjoyment at the highest level. Radio stations can be listened to either via DAB or DAB Plus. The number of digital radios is very high. However, they all have in common that they comply with the latest technical standards, are easy to operate and can be individually controlled. The right speakers are also available from auna. Some devices can be integrated into existing networks via a Bluetooth or WLAN interface and allow smart music enjoyment on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Remarkably, many digital radios have a retro design. This allows nostalgia and modernity to be combined.

Digital DAB tuner - analogue FM receiver

Radio reception using the DAB and DAB + transmission standards offers a variety of advantages over analogue FM reception. For example, the number of stations available is considerably greater. It is often possible to receive 15,000 or more stations with digital radio. In addition, various additional contents can be selected and displayed. These are for example the currently played track, the album, the genre of the music or news. The higher performance of DAB and DAB + compared to FM is due to the fact that DAB and DAB + have much more efficient coding software. Auna digital radios can be operated either with electricity, batteries or a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery can be quickly recharged.

auna digital radios - auna speakers - tuner

Modern loudspeakers for modern digital radios. They are divided into mono speakers and broadband speakers. While mono loudspeakers are very cheap and simple, stereo loudspeakers are high-quality broadband loudspeakers that guarantee excellent sound reception. The speakers are equipped with an LCD display, which can show, among other things, the time, the current artist or the radio station. DAB tuners provide excellent sound. This applies to all receiver channels, as it is possible to stream radio stations and music over the Internet.

DAB radio - DAB plus - Bluetooth and WLAN

Many digital radios have a Bluetooth and/or WLAN interface. This ensures convenient and wireless transmission. A WLAN interface also makes it possible to integrate digital radios into the home network. This is usually not a problem, especially if WLAN is available in your entire home. Wireless music streaming from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with the MP3 player is also possible using the Bluetooth interface. Wired radio reception is also possible.

Buy a DAB radio

There are many criteria that should be taken into consideration when choosing a DAB radio. The design can be modern, classic, nostalgic or cool and technocratic. Here you should listen to your personal taste. But design is not all, because it is much more important to choose a DAB radio that is powerful, functional and flexible. Would you like to use it only at home or on the road? Will it be placed in your kitchen or in your garage? Should it be wireless or wired? Should it be possible to connect it via a Bluetooth or WLAN interface? Would you like to connect the radio to other devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones? You should answer these and other questions, look for suitable offers and only then buy a DAB radio.

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