Black Friday 2020

Music to our ears: Auna offers the best deals for all music lovers and sound enthusiasts in the annual Black Friday Super Sale.

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Discover Black Friday Facts

We will answer all your questions about what is true meaning about Black Friday, tell you how the hype associated with the world-famous Super Sale was born, why is it called Black Friday, when did Black Friday become a thing and the history until today.

In addition, the top 7 shopping tips on how to pick up the best Black Friday deals are waiting for you.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Many theories surround the origin of the famous Black Friday name. Most likely, it first appeared in the 1950s, when police in Philadelphia (USA) watched the chaotic crowds of people, who were off the day after Thanksgiving, rushing into town for Christmas shopping.
Another theory shares the same premise, namely that companies were increasingly reporting black (revenue-generating) figures that day, making that Friday known as Black Friday.

How did Black Friday become an international Super Sale?

On Black Fridays, American company giants such as Apple, which had offered their products at substantial discounts since 2006, internationalised the day so that today discounts of up to 50% are found and exist on the spot worldwide in other countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Japan and India all celebrate Black Friday on their own way.- particularly online - boosting the shopping hype billions of times over.

Black Friday: Did you know, that…

  • The Black Friday hype is so big that some American stores open even in the middle of the night?
  • In 2012 alone, 11,000 people were waiting for the midnight opening of New York's mega department store, Macy's?
  • the German retail only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday converted on average over 2 billion euros?
  • the Black Friday super sale has meanwhile even made it into drugstores and supermarkets? Mmm!

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7 Best Black Friday Online Deals Shopping Tips

1. Planning your shopping trip

We are overwhelmed with deals everywhere on Black Friday. That is why we should prepare a purchase plan beforehand: What, where, when and for how much (the maximum acceptable price). Shopping becomes easier once these questions have been answered.

planung black friday

2. Fight impulse buying

We have a specific budget and strategically determine the most important deals for us. For that reason, we try to avoid spontaneous purchases so that we can fulfil our one or two small shopping dreams as planned, without getting angry at the end of the day.

impulskäufen black friday

3. Sign up for newsletters

Many online shops advertise their Black Friday deals a few days in advance, therefore as a newsletter subscriber, you will find out first which offers are particularly worthwhile and which ones are not.

newsletter auna black friday

4. Research always pays off

Many sellers try to beat each other on Black Friday, which often makes research of comparing prices and performance of products are important. But watch out: Not every Black Friday deal is unique - here is a small secret to share just before starting with the Super Sales, Ours begins even earlier - but pssst!

verlgleich reich black friday

5. Christmas backup plan

Save money and bring you joy before Christmas: Some Auna music systems or equipment are available with attractive discounts during Black Friday deals. So if you want to escape from the short-term gift stress which occurs just before Christmas, this is the best time and even get something nice for yourself. Remember, Christmas is coming soon!

geschenke shopping deluxe black friday

6. Get Social, Follow and celebrate

The best ways to see what's coming down the pipes is by following your favourite brands on social media. Instagram and Facebook tend to be the most active platforms to keep you up to date. From the best Black Friday offers and product insights to contests with our Auna influencers, you will find everything there. don't be surprised if we reveal secret coupon codes or early preview deals as well. Take a look and go follow!

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7. Absolutely fantastic for tech-lover

The Black Friday Sale is particularly well-known by technology lovers of all kinds, as the most generous discounts come from technology and electronic products which make a big difference to standard prices. From music systems, HIFI devices, to elegant retro turntables and such, Auna offers everything a music lover's heart desires!

total toll technik auna black friday

Black Month in Auna

We are all looking forward to the Black Friday sale. Our wishlists are getting longer and longer. That is why at Auna we thought: Why don't we just make it a whole Black Month?

Well said, Well done.

So Auna music lovers will get huge discounts on every beat and everything a music and entertainment enthusiast desires throughout November every day. But that is not all: At the end of Black Friday, there will be a significant discount on everything.

Highlight the whole of November in your calendar and stay tuned!

The Black Friday sale countdown is on from the 01.11.2019. secure you great auna Black Friday and Black Month offers!

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